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My Rewilding Guidelines

Here are the guidelines I will be following during the year of rewilding. Send me your ideas, and I will include them here too.

  1. I will purchase no commercial goods for the entire year, I will use what I have until they are either used up or broken beyond repair. Then I will have to find creative alternatives from the more-than-human bioregion or learn to do without. Despite addictive consumerism, Western humans tend to have detached relationships with their material possessions. Everything is disposable. Consumption takes place without connection to the real Earth origins of all things. By eschewing consumer goods for one year, I will be drastically reducing my ecological footprint. Ultimately, I hope to become more mindful of the things that support my life and well-being and to engage with respect and appreciation for the living origins of the material things that I share my life with. 
  2. I will only consume food grown and/or gathered from the landbase where I live or from local farmers within the French Broad River watershed bioregion. In doing this, over time my body will become comprised of the same materials as the bioregion with whom I am engaging. The carbon footprint of my food will be vastly reduced, and my diet will synchronize with the seasons. The only exception will be that I will purchase salt, which does not occur naturally here in the mountains of Western North Carolina. I will find the least environmentally impactful source of salt and offset any associated ecological footprint. 
  3. I won’t be buying any gasoline, which means that I will be walking or riding my bicycle everywhere. I will explore public transportation for trips exceeding 20 miles, but my intention is to restore a more natural relationship with pace, distance, and time. An exception will be made if I or any of my more-than-human companions require emergency medical treatment. I will also travel if necessary for medical emergencies involving close friends and family. 
  4. I will remove myself as much as possible from the professional rat race in order to experience what life is like without deadlines and nine to five, Monday to Friday structures. I will make exceptions in the event of environmental crises that may require my attention, which may also require me to travel. Associated ecological footprints will be offset. 
  5. Renewable energy currently offsets 100% of my electrical consumption; however, during the year of rewilding, I will be making efforts to reduce electrical consumption as well. For example, I will examine heating my house with only wood in the winter and cooling with natural breezes in the summer. 
  6. I will avoid electronic devices, television and social media, with the exception of using the computer for research and work-related needs. I will retain my phone to maintain communication with friends and family, but will remove all apps except for phone and messaging functions. I will also engage with people and maintain the website.
  7. I will continue to purchase commercial pet food for Stinky (kitty) and Goober (doggo), and feed for my Chicken friends, in addition to all the supplies needed to maintain furry and feathery well-being. These companions have not consented to the year of rewilding and therefore, it wouldn’t be fair to disrupt their normal routines. 
  8. I am currently not taking any prescription or over-the-counter medications; however, should these become necessary to maintain my health, I will purchase and take them.
  9. I will pay for repair services, as absolutely needed. For example, if the pump for my well breaks, I will repair it. If my hot tub stops working, I will have to learn to live without it for a year. 
  10. I will purchase locally grown native plants and seeds.
  11. I will purchase locally crafted artisanal goods, such as cheeses, breads, etc.
  12. I will support local artisans and some services, such as attending community theatre productions and taking classes. I won’t be getting manicures and pedicures, but I will continue to get acupuncture and massage, as needed. 
  13. I will purchase books from local, independent booksellers.
  14. I will resist the temptation to hoard toilet paper!


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